PMR2 2013 Prediction Article Eric Swatek, PRC
Eric Swatek makes predictions for healthcare marketing research trends for 2013

Some of the uncertainty about how the US healthcare system will evolve has been reduced now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the Presidential election has been decided. In 2013 the question of "who pays, and how much?" will continue to be very important, and the drive to improve efficiency will pick up speed.

As part of this, manufacturers must consistently prove the value of their products - not just therapeutically but in economic terms as well. In an increasingly competitive environment with constant pressure from generics and payers, manufacturers will further their efforts to improve medication adherence to keep the customers they've gained.

Mid-level prescribers are a growing part of the healthcare scene, and their opinions and unique perspectives must be accounted for in marketing efforts.

How will this impact those of us in the Marketing Research field? Research buyers will continue to demand high-quality research and actionable results while focusing on cost, efficiency and innovative methods. Clients will be seeking access to consumers and clinicians when and where they are making decisions about healthcare - this means more mobile-based research in 2013.

At Just Qual, our pharmaceutical and medical device clients have signaled they will order more online qualitative studies and rely on us for hybrid methodologies that combine the benefits of various approaches in a single engagement. We expect to help our clients evaluate more patient education and adherence programs, including new tools such as smartphone apps. We'll continue the trend of reaching respondents (professionals and consumers) in both high-tech and low-tech ways to facilitate quality conversations.

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